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PhpNuke Blocks · Introducing nukePIE(tm) The RSS Block Replacment

Posted on Sunday, January 06, 2008 @ 12:52 by admin released nukePIE™, a replacement for the standard PHPNuke block feed reader. 

With nukePIE™, RavenNuke, BonusNuke, DadaNuke, NukeEvolution, Nuke Platinum and other PHP-Nuke distributions can:
  • Correctly display RSS 2.0, ATOM 1.0, or any properly-formed feed in Nuke blocks
  • Display feed item descriptions as either full-HTML tool tips or as title tags for the link, which helps visitors and search engines
Links: nukePIE demo download (GPL, free membership required).  FAQs.

 nukePIE™ performs the opposite function of nukeFEED™:  nukeFEED™ generates feeds from PHP-Nuke content, and nukePIE™ consumes (or reads) feeds from any source. nukePIE™ uses the SimplePie class and BoxOver script.

Since nukePIE™ replaces core PHP-Nuke functions, it requires modifications to PHP scripts (namely, mainfile.php). nukePIE™ will be included in the next release of RavenNuke™.

nukePIE™ in action:
nukePIE in action

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