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Posted on Friday, June 01, 2007 @ 16:26 by floppy

Its no secret of the obvious advantages Firefox holds over Internet Exploer.  Its also no secret Clan Themes is proud Mozilla Firefox supporter.  One of the key benefits for me as a php coding wannabe is the great extensions available.  I have been using the Web Developer extension now sinces the 1.0.1 release (January 17, 2006).

Web Developer FireFox Extension Screen Shot

One of my favorite tools is the Outline feature.  This feature can be used just to study table layouts or more importantly help you find broken tables.  Whats the benefit of this?  In 90% of my experiences with layout malfunctions between browsers is caused by a broken table.

Web Developer Extension Outline Table Cells Feature
Does this extension prove valuable to anyone?  In my honest opinion it does.  This tool could possibly help you resolve any layout issues or errors you have.  The more information you have about a problem.  The easier you will find a solution or help someone else find one.

This tool was developed by Chris Pederick and a lot of its features were donated by outside providers.  Chis states on his Web Developer's Features page that the original concept came from another earlier FireFox toolbar, PNH Developer Toolbar.  I personally feel I could not make it through most days without this brilliant and very powerful extension.   Its one tool no Developer should be without.

Visit Author Chris Pederick's Web Develper Extension Blog

Download Web Developer Extension for FireFox

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