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BF4 Multi Release

BF4 Multi Release

This theme is designed with battlefield 4 in mind but could also be used for other types of games as the theme really only uses Background images to compose the entire theme

WOW Pandaria Image Pack Released

WOW Pandaria Image Pack Releas...

instead of making a new theme I updated the WOW Theme with some new images of the new expansion Pandaria

Modern Gamer v2 Completed

Modern Gamer v2 Completed

Its finally finished, a modern looking theme for all FPS games, featuring an admin controlled slideshow and a user control panel this theme has bags of potential and looks.

Mech Warrior Online Theme Released

Mech Warrior Online Theme Rele...

Loads of dark grungy textures with slick navigation and matching forums and gallery script, this theme has it all...

Guildwars 2 Theme Released

Guildwars 2 Theme Released

What a theme, it completes the game and looks fantastic, with matching forums and loads of extras

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